Beyond the Shore

by Rob and Rosemary Peterswald

‘Beyond the Shore’ is a salute to Australia’s beautiful East Coast; the sailing waters, fine seafood, wines, ciders and ales that are as much a part of it as sunshine and sparkling waters. This book is the record of a journey of the yacht Oceania II from the bottom of Australia to the top. It is a coastline rich in beauty, rich in history and rich in the fulsome enjoyment of life and these days our eyes turn more to the blue of the Pacific Ocean than the brown plains beyond the Dividing Range.

On the way there are mighty harbours and great cities, small seaports still living to the rhythms of the tide, mile after mile of golden beaches flecked with the white of breaking waves, large rivers and bays overlooked by thickly forested mountains, small islets nestled in calm estuaries, craggy peaked islands buffeted by the trade winds and of course the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

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