Sea Dreams Sailing the Western Mediterranean

Tasmanian couple Rob and Rosemary Peterswald, the authors of From the Sea and Beyond the Shore, explore the Western Mediterranean on their yacht Sea Dreams.

The Mediterranean Sea has been the cradle of western civilisation. From the earliest times it has nourished ancient empires, spawned countless legends and has been the scene of epic battles that have changed the course of history. Today it remains a place of beauty and danger, joy and pain, indulgence and austerity, and as much as ever, a crossroads of the world. On their cruise, the Peterswalds visit Sardinia, Corsica, Elba, the Balearics, Sicily and the coasts of France and Italy, capturing the beauty of ‘the Middle Sea’ and its wondrous coastline. They sail past high rugged mountains protected by ancient fortresses, anchor in enchanting bays and visit mystical cities that date from antiquity. This beautifully photographed book celebrates the joy and vibrancy of life in the Mediterranean, a life that still follows the rhythms of the ocean and the seasons.

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