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Coasting: A sailing and dining odyssey along Australian shores

Coasting is a salute to Australia's wonderful east coast from the southern tip of Tasmania to Cape York in far north Queensland – its sparkling sailing waters, fine seafood dining and joy of life.

Coasting: A sailing and dining odyssey along Australian shores

The magnificent East Coast of Australia stretches from the cold and windy tip of southern Tasmania, in the latitudes of the‘Roaring Forties’,to the tropicalTorres Strait Islands north of Cape York Peninsula. No other nation possesses such a coastline. Its length and diversity of climate, oceanography, topography and beauty are unmatched. Some years ago, we set off to sail our ketch Oceania from the bottom to the top.We planned to follow in the wakes of Abel Tasman, Matthew Flinders, George Bass, James Cook and many other famous seamen – some of the greatest explorers the world has seen. We decided that Port Davey on the West Coast of Tasmania, where the European exploration of the East Coast of Australia had begun nearly four centuries ago, was the logical place for us to begin our voyage.

Apart from the sailing and the history, there was another aspect of the coastline that we planned to enjoy. Perhaps nowhere in the world is there such a fusion of cuisines and wines, and such a wealth of seafood, from the clear cold waters of the deep south, to the sumptuous fish of the Coral Sea.

The voyage left us with the memories of very many rich experiences that we recorded in our book, Beyond the Shore. It is now out of print, however we were recently approached to produce a new edition. Because of the advances in digital photography, and the vast changes in the culinary scene, we thought it best to tell the story anew. Hence, COASTING. We hope it does justice to our beautiful coast and the marvellous restaurants we have featured – each one sharing a favourite recipe of their own. Enjoy the journey.

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