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History of the World: From the Back of a Boat

'This book is an amalgam of the author 's personal adventures mixed with a tour de force of Australian nautical history.'

History of the World: From the Back of a Boat

From the back of a boat it is easy to feel close to the past, even the very distant past. The waves that surge around you and the wind that fills your sails are the same as those that carried the ancient Phoenicians to Carthage, Columbus to the new world and Cook to the Pacific.

We had long realised that we shared the sea with all those sailors who had come before us, some by many thousands of years, and wanted to sail in their wakes. In doing so we discovered a world of endless enchantment and mystery, and we marvelled at how close we were able to feel to so many of the great men and women of bygone times.

From the summit of Mount Misery we overlooked a wild and majestic panorama — the vast foam-flecked expanse of the Great Southern Ocean stretching away to the shores of the Antarctic. The horizon was buried in mist and dark swirling cloud. Behind us stood the ancient shrouded mountains of the Arthur Ranges and the wilderness of south-west Tasmania. The icy south-westerly carried the rich tangy aromas of the storm-battered coast and the cries of seabirds wheeling in the sky around us.

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