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History of the World from the Back of a Boat (Volume 2)

Through the beautiful Aegean Sea, the great jungle clad ranges of Papua New Guinea, the pristine beauty of Tasmania and the incredible inland waterways of Europe, our path crosses those of many of history’s greats.

History of the World from the Back of a Boat (Volume 2)

Julius Caesar extracting vengeance on pirates on a remote Greek island, Odysseus looting Troy, Winston Churchill organising some epic Mediterranean disasters, the rapacious Barbarossa’s from Lesbos, the despicable crusaders sacking Constantinople the greatest city on earth, the remarkable scientists of the first Age of Enlightenment and the Christians who destroyed it, powerful Emperors and Empresses, Sultans and Sultanahs, the sailors and entrepreneurs who for a time made the Netherlands the richest and most powerful nation on earth, and the place where democracy really started to flourish.

And many more, some famous, others not so much - the man who invented red wine, the most beautiful girl in the world, tribal warriors in the Sepik, Otto-Wilin Peterswalde.

All carefully examined from the back of a boat with a glass of local red at hand.

Unable to sleep I crept from our bed in the forward cabin and went on deck, leaving Rosemary (Ro) with her dreams, her beautiful face lit by gentle moonlight flooding through an open hatch. The earlier clouds had drifted off to the south. The light of a full moon shimmered on the silver}* water and cast a pale glow over the mountains above our anchorage, a remote bay in Turkey. There were no riding lights, nor sign of man on shore.We had wintered Sea Dreams at the small port of Finike. a day south on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and had returned with the first hints of summer. Our plan for the sailing season was to head north along the coast to the top of the Aegean Sea, then begin to thread our way back south through the Greek islands.

Pages: 314
List Price: 5.99 AUD

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