The Homestead on the River

An unforgettable tale of love, loss and betrayal from an exciting new Australian voice in historical fiction. In stark contrast to her own childhood during the last days of the Raj in India, the spectacular beauty surrounding their home, Rathgarven in Ireland has proven to be a happy place for Kathleen O'Sullivan and her husband, James, to raise their four children.

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History of the World: From the Back of a Boat

From the back of a boat it is easy to feel close to the past, even the very distant past. The waves that surge around you and the wind that fills your sails are the same as those that carried the ancient Phoenicians to Carthage, Columbus to the new world and Cook to the Pacific.

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The Canals of Europe

Rob and Rosemary are presently on their new boat, Linna, a 12.4 metre Dutch Boarn Cruiser, compiling a new book on the beautiful waterways of Europe. There are around 40,000 kilometres of navigable waterways in Europe, which is a far greater distance than the circumference of the earth. If you have enjoyed our previous books we hope you will look forward to this one too.

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Can My Pony Come Too?

‘It’s always hot in Australia. And you can ride your horses to school and tie them up under a gumtree,’ my mother told us with a knowing smile, as we stared at her in awe.

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